Is Interim Management for You?

Our Clients Deserve the Best,
so We Expect the Best.

Interim managers are seasoned executives with at least twenty years' of practical experience in the workplace. They have held high ranking executive and C-level positions and have had a number of direct reports during their time in a leadership position.

An interim manager's attitude is just as important as the job he/she is contracted to perform. He/she must be flexible and available on-demand, have a positive and unbiased outlook, not be afraid to get his/her hands dirty and be comfortable working either alone or as part of a team.

An interim management company does not offer full-time employment and is not a placement agency; it provides executives to a company on a short-term basis during periods of change. These opportunities come primarily through the networks of the individual Principals, from third party relationships the Practice has developed, or through web based marketing.

Osborne interim managers are independent contractors who benefit from the collective team approach of the Practice, while still essentially operating his/her own business. Osborne Principals are expected to participate in the team dynamic and be an instrumental part in building the business and prospecting new clients.

With Osborne Interim Management, You Get the Best of Both Worlds.

Although we run a virtual office, working with Osborne means that you never have to work alone. Our interim managers collaborate to develop market approaches and often take a team approach to the client that results in being able to fill multiple needs. When you work with accomplished colleagues, you in turn become a more astute executive.

In addition to having access to the expertise of the entire Practice, Osborne provides its Principals with the foundation of a solid corporate brand supported with quality management and marketing.

Although interim management is a lifestyle as much as it is a career choice sometimes personal situations change or that perfect full-time job does present itself. At Osborne we are flexible and work with you in order that you can stay connected to your colleagues and the client maintains access to all our resources.

Please contact us if you would like to submit your credentials for consideration or if you require more information.


Our Principals value their experience with Osborne:

"The Osborne model is ideal for those who want independence and to expand their horizons in a variety of business settings while being part of a team of peers. After several years with Osborne, I would not want to give up the challenge, variety, independent lifestyle and camaraderie that is synonymous with Osborne Interim Management."

Bill Churchward, Retired Principal

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with the Osborne team and I am very grateful for all the opportunities to benefit and contribute. Osborne’s strong reputation and its broad expertise across many sectors opened many doors to serve a wide variety of clients with valuable interim management assistance. The Principals on the team are a great resource and keep things very interesting!"

Mike Patterson, Former Principal

"In my five years with Osborne Interim Management I have been able to successfully balance the needs of my family with client work that has been varied and interesting."

Catherine Cook, Principal

"During my time with Osborne Interim Management, I appreciated the diverse level of senior talent and the integrity of the Principals. If an executive is looking to align themselves with a supportive team group to explore mutually beneficial contract opportunities, I’d highly recommend Osborne."

Dan Brozic, Former Principal

"I believe that Osborne's multi disciplinary approach using experienced executives and professionals is a company's best approach to resolving temporary shortfalls in management skills. I always enjoyed working in Osborne's team environment."

Terry Craig, Retired Principal

"Osborne provided me with the ideal opportunity to postpone full retirement, continue to utilize my management skills on short-term assignments and work with other like-minded and talented executives with a variety of skills. What a great experience!"

Ron Elliott, Retired Principal

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